What we're about is that connection between your business and the world.


NitroPress Communications is older than the hills.

And newer than next week.

And a little bit of everything in between.

“Experience” is a term with varied meaning.


Most businesses are obsessed with the new and the now, when they aren't focused on what's-next and coming-soon. Communication firms, maybe even more so than the companies they serve.

That's not a bad thing, because marketing, PR, image and communications are about the future: meeting it head-on, helping to build and shape it, and getting the most forward progress from the effort. The future is all we have, and the now is the only place from which we can address it.

However... firms and consultants that know only the “now” lack a crucial component: perspective. We know that because, well, we've gained that perspective from the past... a long past.


We have a long enough track record to know that not all ideas are truly new, and that not all new ideas are truly good ones. We've repeatedly watched one part or another of our industry get dazzled by a new tool or approach or idea... often one we know isn't all that new, and that we know failed in some past iteration. Even truly new things often have more promise than they can ultimately deliver. (Then we watch while the communicators slowly fall out of love with the failing idea and their clients grow more cynical about future innovations.)

The other side of that is that we've learned more good old tricks and concepts than we can count. We have a well of experience to draw on and “rediscover” these old, proven ideas ahead of the pack. We can pull forgotten tricks out of the bag and use them to dazzle new audiences. And we can avoid costly commitments to faulty approaches and not-so-new thinking that we know didn't work the last few times it was tried.


But don't think for a minute that means we're old-fashioned and stuck in some prior era. We are on the cutting edge in approach, in vision and in the tools and techniques we use. We're always searching for genuinely new ideas among those we see recycled from the past. Our deep experience lets us see things the new kids can't... and find ways to reach your audience and market that they won't see.

We may have started in the era of blueline board and paper clipart, but we've climbed through every era to the present and learned something important with every step. Mostly, we've learned how to do the best with the least to get the most... the most from any effort, the most from any budget, the most towards any set of goals.

Oh, we've mastered the trendy tools, too... generations of them. And we've learned that mastery of the tool is never equal to mastery of the task.


So when you're choosing someone to take your company's future to the next level... you can choose among many providers whose “past” isn't much to talk about..

Or you can choose enough experience to actually get the task done.