NitroPress Nitrogen Coffee Cocktail Chargers - Box of 40

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NitroPress Nitrogen Coffee Cocktail Chargers - Box of 40

$49.99 $49.99 0% OFF
Product description

Pure Nitrogen N2 chargers, made for NitroPress by Hatfields London. Create instant nitro infused coffee and cocktails.

N2 chargers infuse drinks with nitro to give it that signature smooth velvety texture and a distinctively creamy quality.

Made for NitroPress

The NitroPress is a product innovation that can infuse a whole range of cold beverages with pure nitrogen. Designed for busy kitchens and bars, nitro infusion creates drinks with a smooth velvety texture without the usual complexities of requiring machinery, installation and large gas canisters.

A professional grade solution for nitro infused coffee, cocktails, tea and more.

The NitroPress is the most portable solution, combine with N2 chargers for nitro beverages infused to perfection.

  • Designed for use with The Original NitroPress - Infuse Nitrogen into any Coffee, Tea, Beer, Alcohol, etc!
  • Bartenders & Baristas - Serve two coffee’s or up to four cocktails in one hit
  • Coffee Cocktail Chargers work with similar principles to a full draught nitro system - but at reduced size and footprint
  • Fully recyclable once used - can be placed in the recycling bin with your drink cans and bottles.
  • Use one charger for each 500ml volume of liquid
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