NitroPress Applications

The beauty of the NitroPress is its dynamic versatility, enabling a vast range of applications it can be used for. Choose from one of three chargers; Nitro, Soda and Cream to create a world of culinary delights from Nitro Coffee to Soda Seltzers and Whipped Cream to Espumas - we’ve got it all covered!

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Nitro Chargers contain 2g of Pure Nitrogen (N2) which infuse your chosen drink or sauce with tiny Nitrogen bubbles which spread throughout the liquid to create a smooth creamy texture and mouthfeel.

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Cream Chargers are made up of 8g of Nitrous Oxide (N20) which are most commonly used to make whipped creams for sweet treats and drinks. They can also be used for food decorating and filling.

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Soda Chargers contain 8g of Carbon Dioxide (C02) with C02 which adds sparkle and fizz to your glass. Infusing with C02 also enhances key note flavours and makes the simplest drink just that tiny bit more fancy!

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Nitro & Soda Drinks

Explore a world of new drinks with NitroPress. Intensifying flavours and enhancing texture, adding gas to your drinks can turn the simplest drinks into something really special.

Nitro Coffee

Take your cold brew to the next level infusing with Nitrogen. Creating a smooth and creamy finish without the dairy, Nitro coffee is hugely popular across the globe. The health benefits are undeniable, and the NitroPress allows the user to make their own Nitro coffee whether it be at home or in a cafe.

Nitro Cocktails

Save time shaking and start to Nitro infuse your cocktails! Add the ingredients of your favourite tipple to the NitroPress, infuse with a Nitro charger and dispense into your favourite glass. The flavours are more intense, the texture has more body and the foamy head is like no other!

Soda & Seltzers

Seltzer drinks are proving hugely popular right now and you can buy almost any flavour in a can at your local store. But why waste time and money at the store when you can create your own at home using our Soda chargers? Zero calories and maximum taste is the selling point of these drinks and we are all for it!

Nitro Fruit

Adding Nitro to your fruit juices enhances the fruity flavours and creates a cocktail like texture with a foamy head, enabling you to garnish and make the best mocktails you will ever taste. Fact!

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Culinary uses

The NitroPress offers a wide variety of culinary uses, enabling you to take your cooking to the next level bringing more power to your plate with rich flavours and fun foams!

Whipped Cream

Our Cream chargers enable you to use the NitroPress to make whipped cream whether it be to add to your desserts or drinks, this truly shows off the NitroPress’s versatility. After saving so many calories with the Nitro drinks range, we figured you would have some spare for a little whipped cream!


Chefs across the globe have been using siphons for a long time to create Espumas/foams to compliment their dishes. Different results can be achieved using Cream or Nitro chargers, but either way there is no doubt of the flavours being intensified once put through the NitroPress.


Using the NitroPress for rapid infusion creates intensified flavours and different consistencies for a variety of applications. Use it for rapid marinating meat, fish or vegetable sauces and flavouring a variety of other liquids. Experiment with flavours and textures like never before.

Filling & Decorating

The NitroPress’ nozzle is suited for filling and decorating pastries and cakes alike. Using our Cream chargers and precision nozzle this is the perfect tool for keen chefs and bakers.

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