Cascara Sproda

For a light, and effervescent cocktail with tasting notes of orange peel, lavender try the Cascara Sproda by Adam JacksonBey
Cascara Sproda

Cascara Sproda


By Adam JacksonBey - BGA Executive Council, Barista at The Potter's House

Here's what you'll need:

"This drink was brought together because 1, I love pop and 2, I love competition style 'sig bevs.' I had some phosphate left over from my routine last year and I really love the way it provides a blank tartness that you can layer whatever flavors you want to, and balance the sweetness of any syrups used. This drink was light, and effervescent with tasting notes of orange peel, lavender and reminiscent of a fruit soda."

  • 28g of Counter Culture Coffee Apollo espresso pulled at 18g in/28g out for 27 seconds
  • 19g cascara simple syrup
  • 200g cold water
  • 5g Phosphate (citric acid or lime juice may be substituted)

What to do:

Mix all ingredients together and stir well, and chill in the refrigerator for 10 minutes inside the nitro press. After the drink has chilled, infuse, then shake slowly for 45 seconds, and let it chill for another 5 minutes to let the drink set. Pour into chilled glass and enjoy.


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